Wednesday, January 13, 2021

New Blogmaster Intro

Hey y'all, Happy New Year from ECWBA and welcome to a new era for this blog. Fred has asked to take a much deserved break from the blogmaster duties, and he has been granted that wish, so I'll be slipping into the driver seat for the time being.  My name is Nick and I've been a beekeeper and member of ECWBA for a few years.  My wife, son and I have a small farm just west of Fond du Lac where we raise and grow whatever we can get our hands on.

We're blessed to be surrounded by hundreds of acres of free roving bovines (extra points if you get the music references 😏) on pasture that includes a fair amount of clover and alfalfa which of course the honey bees love.

I believe there are two truisms (at least) about beekeepers - we all do things a little differently and we love to share our knowledge. I learn new things about pollinators every day, and I also love sharing that knowledge. So together we'll learn! I'll share all the great info I can find, and some of my own experiences, and hopefully you'll share your experiences and knowledge as well.

I hope you enjoy the blog and feel free to share ideas for posts or your own experiences, either in the comment section or by clicking the Contacts tab under the top banner.  And make sure you pay your dues on time 😁💰

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