Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Beekeeper Denise suggested ECWBA members read David Burns E-book "Beekeeping:Getting Your Bees Through the Winter".  This is a Kindle E-book and costs $9.99.  According to Denise you can get a free download of the Kindle software for your computer.  I tried to find this book in either hard or softcover, but didn't have any luck.

Comments from beekeeper Denise:

"i like his ideas about requeening in fall (TO BREAK THE BROOD/VARROA CYCLE)
and caging the queen in "fall" (TO BREAK THE BROOD/VARROA CYCLE)

...i'm thinking a combination of either DRONE CUT and OXALIC to get both
emerged and unemerged varroa....

OR...caging the queen for 10 days (to get the unemerged - emerged...) then OXALIC....

thinking,,,,,thinking... :))))"

Use the link below to electronically purchase this book.

EDITORS NOTE: 1) ECWBA does not endorse any products.  2) Maybe Denise can give a oral report at the next club meeting.

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