Wednesday, February 17, 2016

FOND du LAC AREA BEEKEEPER NEWS submitted by beekeeper Denise

A. There will be NO BEEKEEPING CLASSES at the Fond du Lac UW extension this year do to
"BUDGETARY CONSTRAINTS".  To keep bees within the Fond du Lac city limits residents must have 7 hours of beekeeping education.  Presently, the only other qualifying class is probably in either Greenville (HoneyBeeware) or maybe in Madison. 

B.  The Fond du Lac Riesterer and Schnell store has a real interest in beekeeping as part of their animal care division and will be carrying some beekeeping equipment beginning this spring!  If the program proves to be
successful - it has the potential of expanding to their 11 other locations.  It would
give us beekeepers more (closer?) access to all those "emergency" items - extra
frames, extra boxes...and glassware.

C.  A 1.5 hour HOW TO GET STARTED presentation by beekeeper Denise
is being held at the Fond du Lac Riesterer and Schnell store on Feb 27th at 9:00am. 
This is NOT A CLASS.  It's an information gathering session for anyone looking to get started started in beekeeping


Gerard Schubert said...

What qualifies as a class that is acceptable to the Fondy powers that be? It's kind of late, but is this something ECWBA could provide? I'd hate it if I had been planning to start this year and I was stopped like that.

Fred Ransome said...

The Fond du Lac ordinance Reads: The permit applicant shall have at least seven hours of beekeeping education/training from a local technical college or university. Proof of education/training shall be provided with the permit application