Thursday, March 5, 2015


The second week of March is forecast to have warmer weather.  The bees will definitely be out of the hive taking voiding flights.  Maybe even out collecting a little maple tree pollen.  Although you may be tempted, do not pull frames to look for brood as a means to verify your queen has survived the winter.  It is still too cold even with the projected low 50's temperatures.  Such inspections will just chill and possibly kill any brood that is present, which will set back the recovery of your hive.  Spring frame inspections should not be attempted until it is warm enough that you can comfortably work the hive in a short sleeve shirt.  An afternoon with high 60's/low 70's would be ideal.  I would still make this a quick inspection.

About the most you should do during these first few warm days is to insert a pollen patty on top of the hive frames.   Have everything ready.  Pop off the outer and inner covers, drop in the patty and then IMMEDIATELY replace the covers to minimize heat loss.  Don't dawdle!

With nights continuing to get below freezing its also too early to add  top style sugar water feeders. The plastic liners of some sugar water feeders could split if the sugar water refreezes at night.  Although next week's warm weather is welcome, don't be fooled that spring has finally arrived in Wisconsin.

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