Friday, March 20, 2015

More on Spring Management

Here is a short article on spring management of bees.  This is written for an area to the south of us, so you will need to back off on the recommended dates to begin each process.  Topics include "Feeding Bees", "Swarm Control", "Splits", and "Supering".

The recommendation to initially feed 2:1 sugar syrup is intended to feed the bees, not promote brood raising.

As always you will see that beekeeping is an art; not a science.  Too much feed and your colony may swarm.  Too little feed and your honey crop may be adversely affected.

The article also talks about checkerboarding the brood nest area of very strong colonies to control the urge to swarm.  The frames you remove to prevent swarming can be placed in weaker hives to give them a boost.

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