Friday, March 13, 2015

Pollen this early???

Beekeeper Fred was out checking his bees today.  At several hives he saw bees returning with full pollen baskets.  Seems early for pollen.  Did the several recent warm days make some plants start the flowering process early?  These are Russian's by the way.  Notice the dark bee coloration and the light grey color of the pollen baskets. Saw no pollen at any Italian or Carni hives.  Feedback by club member Gerard indicates this is probably propolis.


Gerard Schubert said...

Just went back to the apiary and on the way heard a lot of buzzing in a spruce tree. I watched for awhile and spotted several honeybees kind of high up with a light substance in their pollen baskets, same color as Fred's. Could be pollen or propolis? Watched the bees in the apiary and only the ones from the hive with the part Russian queen were bringing in the substance.

Fred Ransome said...

Learned something new today! I had always thought they brought propolis back in their mouth, but I looked it up and propolis is brought back in their pollen baskets.