Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Every year there are a host of new beekeepers that are bound and determined to utilize the "treatment free" philosophy in the management of their newly arrived bees.  This inevitably results in high summer and winter losses.  Consequently many new beekeepers throw in the towel and drop out of beekeeping.  The following link provides some information for new beekeepers to think about.

New beekeepers should follow a monitor and treatment philosophy until they are more knowledgeable about beekeeping; including the methods of monitoring for and treatment of mites.  Then they should incorporate mite resistant survivor stock into their operation and slowly decrease treatments after they verify the mites are not getting the upper hand.

There are a number of easy to use "natural" mite treatments that can be used until the beekeeper incorporates mite resistant bees in his or her apiary.

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