Saturday, April 29, 2017


Do to some construction beekeeper Jon was forced to relocate his apiary.  We tried hand carrying a few hives and were huffing and puffing.  In the end we rigged up the tractor to move the hives.  Saturday was a very cool day and the bees were not flying.  Although we started taping the entrance closed we soon got brave.  No stings during the entire operation.

                Only one hive was left to move when we thought of getting pictures for the blog.
                                    Hive carrier hooks into the hand holds on the hive ends.
                                                  Getting tractor into position.
                                     Attaching the hive carrier to the tractor with a chain.
                  Ready to move hive.  The stick attached to the hive stabilizes the hive
                                                        during the move.
                  Guiding the hive into a landing.  (Beekeeper Fred looks like the Michelin man!)
                   You can see the red ratchet strap we used to hold the hive together for the move.
                                             All eleven hives in their new location.

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