Thursday, November 17, 2016

2017 Beekeeping Classes

Here is information on one possible source for beekeeping classes.  As always the ECWBA does not endorse people or products.  These classes are held in the Madison area.  When the Editor hears of additional classes they will be posted on the blog.

Learn to Keep Bees!   Beekeeping Classes  2017

Cost: $50, additional family members $25 each.

Beginners Class   Repeats on Jan 21,  Feb 18,  Mar 11,  April 8,  May 6
For those with no experience at all in beekeeping, we will touch on everything you need to know for your first year:

 -Elementary bee biology                         - What to do about swarming?
- What about the neighbors?    -  Splitting a hive, or moving it
- Equipment and protective gear              - Pests and diseases
- Installing your first package  - Harvesting your Honey with Tips on Selling
- Inspecting your hive                             - Preparing for winter

This is a lecture style class with props galore!  Handle everything in sight, taste some pollen, sample honeys.  Plenty of time for questions. 

Second Step Class  will be held March 18, 2017

For those who have already kept bees one year, and now find themselves with many additional questions, and a feeling there is more to know, we will cover the following topics and more as requested by you:

- Bee Behavior                                                        - Splitting Hives/Making Increase
- Equipment beyond the basics                                - Swarm Capture
- Inspecting                                                             - Pests and Disease Treatment
- Queens                                                                  - Preparing for winter                             

Registration includes:

-Full day class 9 am - 4 pm                                           -Class Handouts
-Morning Coffee (Please bring your own lunch)          -Catalogues
-Bakery with Honey                                                      -Sample Journals
-Membership in the Dane Co. Beekeeper's Association -Honey Recipes

You may purchase artisan honey, hand dipped candles, and several other products.  Bring change.
Rich Schneider of  Capital Bee Supply will be on hand with woodenware and equipment for sale.

Classes will be held at the       Lyman Anderson Building
                                                5201 Fen Oak Dr.
                                                Madison, WI 53718

To Register, send 1.) name   2.) address   3.) phone number   4.) e-mail address
5.) date and name of desired session and   6.) check or money order made out to:

          Jeanne Hansen                     For further information or questions, contact:
          824 Jacobson Ave.                                               Jeanne Hansen   608-244-5094
          Madison, WI 53714                          

Mentoring   in the Apiary, on an individual basis, by appointment,   $20 for a 2-hour session.

!!*!!*!!  If you mail a check and don't get a receipt, please contact me  !!*!!*!!

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