Tuesday, September 27, 2016


A few area beekeepers are reporting wax moth infestations.  Usually wax moths only gain entrance and become a problem in weak hives.  Removed supers can be protected from wax moths by storing them with paradichlorobenzene moth balls or crystals.  The supers are placed in a stack and one (1) tablespoon of the crystals are placed on top of the supers before covering them to seal in the paradichlorobenzene vapors.  Beekeeper Gerard reports the Bushy Mountain sells name brand Para Moth for $15.95 per pound.  He also found that Fleet Farm sells the generic equivalent for $4.95 per pound.

CAUTION: DO NOT USE GENERIC NAPTHA MOTH BALLS!!  The vapors in naptha moth balls are absorbed by the wax and are fatal to bees when the super is installed the next spring.  

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Gerard Schubert said...

And check the manufactured date. I don't know the shelf life, but the Para moth balls at Unimart in Omro were manufactured in 2012. Seemed kinda old and might have lost potency. Fleet Farm had crystal form manufactured in 2015 and 2016. I went with 2016.