Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Autumn Forgae

Goldenrod, JoePye Weed and coneflowers are now getting past their prime.  In addition there are few agricultural flowers available other than occasional alfalfa fields.  Now until the first frost the main flowers available for the bees are from the aster family.  Here are a few photos from beekeepers Gerard and Fred.

With the decline is available forage robbing will  begin in apairies with closely spaced hives.  Make sure to reduce the entrance to 3" on strong hives and even down to 1 inch on weak hives.

                                                               Small flowered aster
                                                      Bee working small flowered aster
                                       New England aster-a perennial that spreads each year
                                                         Bee on New England aster
                                                   Coneflowers are done for the year
                                                                       Various asters
                                                                     Various asters
                                               Not sure what this is but is a nectar source
                       Robbing has started-robber bees trying to enter hive through small holes

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