Thursday, May 28, 2015

ECWBA Field Day

Based on the current weather forecast the field day will be on May 30th.  Although it may be cool and a little breezy it looks to be better than the forecast for the following Saturday; June 6th.

The field day starts at 10 AM.  If you are there a little early, there will be a few accessories to look at and discuss.  The main topic of the field day will be an introduction to queen rearing.  The demo will take about 3 hours due to the need to have the swarm box bees being isolated for 2 hours minimum.  Idle time if any will be used to let participants try manual grafting.  We will be compressing a 2 week process into 3 hours so you will need to pay attention as we quickly switch topics and sometimes do some steps out of normal order.

Directions:  Coming from the west:  Go through Princeton on Highway 23.  Approximately 1 mile past the high school turn south (right) on County Road W.  Go roughly 3/4 mile south.  Turn left onto Salbego Road and pull into the bee yard.  

Coming from the east:  Take Highway 23 west towards Princeton.  Approximately 1 mile east of Princeton turn south (left) on County Road W and continue as stated above.

There is a google map that can be accessed through the Calendar section of this blog.

Be sure to bring bee protection; veil and gloves as a minimum.  The act of filling and emptying the swarm box puts a lot of bees in the air.   Sometimes they are feisty.  See you there.

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