Thursday, October 2, 2014

this makes sense

we all know that PESTICIDES kill bees - no brainer.
HERBICIDES and FUNGICIDES are NOT bee-safe either!  the bees are gathering in the pollens of all these sprayed crops...and taking that pollen home to feed babies.

ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICITY is building up in the hives - and they're succumbing. beekeepers - it's important to help keep the toxicity levels down in the hive....PRACTICE A FRAME MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - where you replace a percentage of foundation/wax in your hives ANNUALLY!


eva~ said...

I have heard that foundation is full of stuff too. What are your thoughts on giving the bees a small starter strip or string and have them start from scratch.

likes bees said...

yes it is. the wax that our foundation comes from - comes from US! some of us sell or trade our wax BACK INTO THE SYSTEM - though the wax is "cleaned" - there are remnants of the ENVIRONMENT (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides) and OUR OWN HIVE TREATMENTS. though in very small amounts - i wouldn't say it's "full of". hence the reason you can not truly have an ORGANIC HIVE...the source of the wax foundation can not be traced.

and YES - you can have the bees make their own foundation, but there are a couple of things to consider in your OVERALL operation.

will you be harvesting your frames via AN EXTRACTOR? you will need to WIRE OVER this delicate foundation. it will likely be uneven, and unattached in areas. wiring it means - unwiring it for cutting off capping - and rewiring it after. wire it because otherwise the extractor will tear it apart.

and remember MAKING WAX requires 10# of honey (energy) for every 1# of wax. the making of wax is a TIME and ENERGY CONSUMING process for the bees. a STRONG WELL POPULATED HIVE can easily remake a couple frames....but this is not likely the "process" you'll want to use on a small hive or starting hive...UNLESS - you're starting out early enough in the year...and honey production is not your goal for the season.

in a TOP BAR HIVE - they make their own comb...generally these "frames" are not destined for an extractor - the beekeeper might just rob a couple of the outer frames for COMB HONEY.