Monday, October 27, 2014

making MEAD

HONEY WINE: <link>

here in FDL, you can get some "wine making supplies" at NEEDSOME SUPPLIES and at THE CELLAR.  both on main street.  needsome is down, kiddie corner from goodwill/tuckers south.  needsome carries some of the more BASIC EQUIPMENT needed for brewing.  the cellar is mid-main, about 6th street? across from mazatlan mexican restaurant.  YOU'LL GET A TON more help and information from THE CELLAR guy.  he has books on wines (and beers).  if beer is more your thing - try making a HONEY beer....he has both KITS and separate ingredients.

i personally "love" the idea of fermentation.  fermented foods are AS OLD AS THE HILLS and good for you!  here's my motto; FERMENTATION HAPPENS.

when i harvest honey...i set aside all the UNCAPPED frames for extraction separately AT THE END.  i want to keep this honey SEPARATE in case it's "too wet".  honey that's "too wet" - will FERMENT - and could potentially "spoil" your bottled honey.  i promptly make this WET honey into MEAD.  i have two 5 gallon carboys bubbling away right now.  this years flavors are a WHITE GRAPE and a CRAN-APPLE. smells good in my store-room.

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