Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the bees teach me so many things

For those of you "not from here". It's been HOT (well - I guess it's been hot elsewhere too)...but us "polar bears" are melting.

The bees are so active into the evening hours - hanging out (bearding) on the hives. I find that the best time for beekeeping is RIGHT AWAY in the MORNING. I can catch them before they really "wakeup" for the day.

A couple weeks ago - I checked the progress of that NUC we started at the beeclub meeting - mid July. I FOUND NOTHING - no sign of queen, no eggs, no larvae (though I realized it was probably too soon for that)....NO QUEEN CELL. I went through all 5 frames - twice/thrice through.... I THOUGHT IT WAS A DUD.

I went out this morning to DISMANTLE it. I was just going to pull the frames out and let those bees migrate into the other hives.


I moved them to a 10 frame box. You go girl!

lesson learned. DON'T GIVE UP TOO SOON - LET NATURE do it's thing - IN IT'S TIME.

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