Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bees bearding

This is normal on a hot, humid day...they're hanging out on the porch.

Storms are rumbling all around us...but it looks as if it's going to miss us again....I'm forced to drag the hose to the garden....


Beekeeper Barbara said...

The bees have kept me so busy I'm behind on blog reading... playing catch-up now.

Here in London, Ontario we were forecast for rain and it's been hot and humid but the rain didn't come.

d said...

just our little PATCH of wisconsin is lacking keeps going around us. plants in gardens are wilting.

i see you caught your swarm - good for you! is there enough time in your climate zone to get them up and running enough for winter? will you overwinter them as a single high? (or on top of another hive?)