Thursday, May 5, 2011

so much for a swarm in MAY - in Wisconsin!

...for those of you not FROM know where I'm going with this! It STILL HAS NOT WARMED UP for the bees. There's tree pollen being gathered...but no nectar yet. I'm an instructor for another event this part is WILDFLOWERS! I'm not so sure we're going to HAVE ANY! We're going to have to hone-up our skills on identifying them in their GREEN STATE.

I've not gotten my seedlings planted yet, the yard chores are behind...because it JUST DOESN'T FEEL LIKE SPRING - let alone SUMMER is coming this year.

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likes bees said...

A follow-up to this commentary. We did manage to find a couple of flowers at our event. We had to identify a lot of things in their GREEN state...but ONE VERY GOOD THING. THE POISON IVY WAS NOT YET leafed out! so we could actually go into the woods.