Thursday, May 12, 2011


this has reared it's ugly head again... CELLPHONES ARE TO BLAME FOR BEE DISAPPEARANCES (read on)

the data miner in me is not complete in reading this article - on the surface it seems to be just a deliverance of fantastic science delivering a CURE!. Europe primarily uses GSM signals... (like AT&T & T-mobile, here in the US) All the other carriers in the US use a CDMA signal - did they test the various signals, signal strength, frequency?. I want more data! What was the RANGE of the phones to the bees - did they test a various many hives do I know of sitting under a cell phone tower, let alone with a phone in it?

come-on... a couple of guys walk out to some hives and stick their cell phones in there (sounds like the start of a joke)

...I don't believe there's just any ONE single issue at work or to blame here. There's no doubt we're polluting our VISIBLE environment, but also our INVISIBLE environment. it a factor? maybe. Stop and think about how many signals we have passing through our bodies - our tissues - every day - every second! the phone call from "Joe" to his mother....

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