Monday, July 31, 2017


August is here.  Typically central Wisconsin will be seeing a drying out period.  Consequently bee forage will be on the decline and honey gathering will slow.  There are still a number of plants providing nectar and pollen, but just not in the quantities seen in June and early July.  Here are a few of the plants the bees are working.  Two agricultural plants can also provide nectar; alfalfa and soybeans.
                                                                  DUTCH CLOVER
                                     DAY LILIES ( I have never seen bees work these plants)
                                          BIRDSFOOT TREFOIL-usually seen on roadsides
                                QUEEN ANNES LACE-saw my first honey bee working it today
                                                            BLUE VERTHANE
                                             GOLDENROD IS STARTING TO BLOOM
                                                JOE PYE WEED-found in marshy areas
                                           WHITE SWEET CLOVER-sorry its out of focus

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