Thursday, March 9, 2017


We have a week of cold weather approaching.  This late cold snap could kill off weak hivs that are raising brood.  See the recommendations in the following link.

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Gerard Schubert said...

I'm having a hard time thinking about putting syrup on now. I've understood that bees don't bother with syrup if it's less than 50 degrees F and I doubt that the syrup would get that warm today. Even if they did use it, syrup encourages brood laying so why do it now?

I'm pretty sure that on the warm days that we had recently that the bees took the sugar and pollen patties where they need it and will be fine. I'm not going to open any hives to find out if that's what they did, but bees are smart and would've moved honey, sugar and pollen where it needs to be when they had the opportunity. Hope I'm right.