Tuesday, February 7, 2017


After flirting with zero again during the week this weekend's weather is predicted to be warm (~40F).  Its time to check your hives.  Per the attached blog and video from Minnesota the bees should be on more than 2 frames.  If 2 frames or less the bees are unlikely to survive the remainder of winter in sufficient strength to be able to regenerate this spring.  Instead they just slowly dwindle away.  So if two or less you should seriously think about ordering a replacement package or plan on making a split this spring.

After verifying the bee population is OK you need to quickly inspect if there is enough capped honey to tide the bees through to spring.  The recommended amount is 3 frames of capped honey.  Both the frame count and honey survey shouldn't take you more than 30 seconds.  DO NOT remove any frames; simply view from above.  Be quick in order to not chill any brood the bees may already be raising.

All of this is summarized in a video showing how to make the winter inspection.


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