Sunday, August 7, 2016


Its now August; the traditional time for the summer dearth in our beekeeping area.  This is occurs after the main honey flow from alfalfa, clovers and nectar producing trees go into decline.  The bees go from producing a surplus to working hard to just break even.  Some queens stop egg laying during the dearth.  Workers may even cannibalize eggs and brood during the dearth to keep the hive population in check.  There are still nectar producing plants in flower.  Strong hives can sometimes still put away a little honey at this time.  Other hives are busy just trying to break even.  Here are a few flowers making nectar at this time.  Much depends on your location.

                                                                     JoePye Weed
                                                                       Blue Vervain
                                                                     Bull Thistle
                                                Goldenrod can be a big honey producer

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