Friday, June 24, 2016


Out in the country roadside flowers can be a valuable forage resource for your honey bees.  Now if we could just get the road crews to stop mowing them down!

                                     Daylilies; actually I've never seen the bees working them
 Bird'sfoot trefoil; a perennial legume; bees love it.  Planted for erosion control along new roads
                                               Queen Anne's Lace; never seen a bee on it
                                      Crown vetch; a perennial legume often planted on roadsides
                                                                     Common thistle
                        Hairy vetch; a perennial; however only worked by bumble bees; not honey bees
                              Yellow and white sweet clover; a self seeding biennial; bees love it
                                                                     Staghorn sumac
                                                  Pansy's; never seen a honey bee on it

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