Monday, April 18, 2016


Darn! I should have taken a picture!  We had 58 3 pound packages in the back of my truck this morning for the beekeepers in the Princeton/Green Lake area.   I was able to get my eight packages in by 3 PM.  All queens in my 8 packages were alive.  It's such a let down when you find a dead queen.

But the real reason for this post is to inform everyone that Lee Heine has now officially quit the package bee and queen business.   His is transferring/selling his package bee business to Tim and Sarah Wilbanks.  This will be effective May 27, 2016.

Tim and Sarah will handling all packages for the 2017 season.  Their phone number is: 319-321-2494  Their email address is:

Currently they plan to continue using the same queen and package producers in California that Lee has used for the past 29 years.  Tim is a fifth generation beekeeper originally from Georgia.  Currently Tim and Sarah run the Kolona Honey Co. in Iowa and have been selling package bees and nucs from that location.

Unfortunately, I did not ask if they are in some way affiliated with Dadant's.  As I find out I will let everyone know.

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