Tuesday, January 26, 2016


At the January club meeting there were questions about the availability of northern bred queens.  A few Midwestern queen suppliers are listed in the RESOURCES section of the this blog.  The reader can also do a web search of "Northern Bred Queen Bees".  This will provide group of a half dozen suppliers.  Finally, look at the web site of the "Northern States Queen Breeders Association  (NSQBA.com).  This site has another dozen suppliers from 9 northern states (Wisconsin, New York, Vermont, Ohio, etc.)  The blog editor has had NO experience with any of these suppliers.

Remember that due to the weather conditions in northern states that northern bred queens or nucs are rarely available before mid June.

 EDITORS NOTE: Neither the blog editor nor the ECWBA endorse any suppliers or products.

EDITORS NOTE: If any club member knows of other suppliers or has had experience with any of these suppliers, please feel free to send that information to this blog via the comments button at the bottom of this article.

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