Sunday, September 27, 2015


Colder weather is just around the corner.  Now is the time to accomplish two important beekeeping tasks.

If you are going to treat for mites you need to pay attention to the daily temperatures.  Most miticides, whether natural or chemical, work best in warm (not hot nor cold) weather. Consult the directions that come with your miticide for the best temperatures.  By late October temperatures will be too cold for the miticides to fully vaporize and be effective.

Feeding of liquid feeds also is affected by temperature.  If the feed is too cold the bees will not utilize it.  Remember the bees begin to cluster when overnight temperatures are in the mid 50s.  So they won't be feeding for a good portion of the 24 hour day.  Also, the feed pail or tray will also cool to the overnight temperature.  Th bees will avoid feeding until the feed warms up sufficiently.  Also the cool temperatures will slow the water evaporation of water from the feed. So if you are giving the bees a pre-winter boost get it done now.

Also remember to remove the queen excluders if you utilize them.     In addition, reduce the entrance reducer to the 4 inch opening to help the bees prevent robbing.  Then in November reduce it further to the 1 inch opening.

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