Tuesday, June 16, 2015

16 June 2015 HONEY OF A DAY

Sunny, lower 70's, slight breeze.  Ideal for the bees.  The bees are really active and out gathering nectar.  Last year at this time the bees in my hive on the scale were bringing in from one to three pounds of nectar per day. What plants are they visiting in central Wisconsin?

                          DUTCH CLOVER-a common yard "weed", but not a weed to the bees

SWEET CLOVER-an out of favor forage crop, but a lot of volunteer plants are around.  Probably the favorite bee nectar source.

                     LADINO CLOVER-a cousin of Dutch clover with bigger plant and blossoms

                TREFOIL-a legume commonly used to stabilize roadside ditches after construction

                                             STAGHORN SUMAC-a common wild shrub

Did you see the bee in each photo?  If not, you can blame the photographer.  Now I can't find the bee in the trefoil picture either.  I wonder where it went?

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