Monday, June 2, 2014

What's up SUGAR CAKES?

i know it's CRAZY to be thinking about this now...but I'm thinking NOW IS THE TIME
to stock up on "containers" at goodwill and rummage sales, etc.

instead of making HEAVY sugar boards - make SUGAR CAKES.  I've recently seen some examples of sugar cakes that were probably poured in a BREAD PAN or an 8 x 8 PAN. You could really pour these into ANY container - but remember - you need to POUR SHALLOW - so you have the right depth for your spacers.  The one gal uses a cooking spray for release - the example I saw was poured into a WAX PAPER LINED container - wax paper still intact upon extraction.  Which I think would be a good thing to keep your "cakes" separate and ready-to-apply.

And by all means - GOOGLE - "sugar board" recipes - there are a TON out there.

here's a youtube video:

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scroll down the "page" and you'll see a PRINT OPTION.....print it and file it in your beebook.