Monday, April 22, 2013


From Mt.Calvary to St.Peter - still in the holyland...

The beehouse got WHEELS April 7.  We got to the hives early in the morn to wrap them to keep them inside, while their house was jacked-up and trailer-ed.  (We used white window sheers - breathable)  Pre-inspection showed that the east hive was VERY ACTIVE...lots of bees coming out to see what was going on.  (ha ha...they couldn't get us)

We secured the hives from sliding on the deck with some homemade "L" brackets...then we "leveled out" the top covers and lashed them all down with a 2 x 4 x 14 across the top - lashed it down with ratchet-ties.  We managed not to make too big of a mess out of the was still COLD in the morning.

Here they are arriving at their new home....

Here they are in place.

All in all....went (surprisingly) SMOOTH.

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