Saturday, February 4, 2012


These genetics have made it through 5 wisconsin far...still crossing my fingers...knock on wood...theres still more cold ahead.
I gave the split (left) an empty box on top of the inner cover...then broke apart an extra honey frame.  They were at the top of deep 2 and kinda pouring out of the "feeder" hole...
The three high (right), with a 3rd deep...I'm assuming is somewhere at the top of the second deep.  Lots of sound and activity in this box.
I opened up the front of the house to give them a little sunshine as the activity for the day was, "bring out your dead".
So far..very little sign of nosema too.

my plans for these two hives is to steal eggs (as soon as i can)...and get two nucs going.  I WANT THESE GENETICS TO CONTINUE.

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